Best Cities To Live In India

50 Indian cities including state capitals and cities with a million plus population have been objectively selected and included in the ‘Best City Awards’ study. They are assessed across different parameters, and an overall index is developed. The framework used for determining the best cities of India look across different pillars such as cleanliness and sanitation, housing, primary education, environment, public services, urban transportation and essential facilities like healthcare, water and power supply. These pillars are backed by hard facts taken from credible sources such as Government of India Census and reports published by Indian Ministries to avoid the biases of subjective arguments. The collected data indicators are then assigned weights by the application of Principal Component Analysis to eliminate multicollinearity. The use of statistical analysis makes the index robust and helps in identifying the individual performance of each city. The study thus captures the realities of urban India and identifies the cities, which are best in their respective category.